Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bank of America also once advertised on "All-American Muslim"

Lowe's isn't the only Charlotte-area company whose advertising on the "All-American Muslim" television show was questioned.

Bank of America said Tuesday that it purchased a single ad on the TLC reality show Nov. 27 and that its "airing schedule is now complete" -- but did not address whether pressure from a Florida ultra-conservative organization contributed to the decision not to advertise further.

"Our schedule never called for additional ads to run outside of this single ad," a spokesman said in an email to the Observer.

The statement comes a day after Mooresville-based Lowe's Home Improvement stood by its decision to pull its advertising from the show, which depicts Muslims living normal lives in Dearborn, Mich.

Soon after the show premiered Nov. 13, the Florida Family Association, which calls the show "propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger" to America, launched a campaign to pressure advertisers on the show to remove their support.

The email campaign targeted dozens of companies that aired ads in November, including Charlotte-based Bank of America and Lowe's.

In an update on its website that appears to have been posted last week, the Florida Family Association states that 65 of the companies it targeted did not advertise in the episodes that aired Dec. 4 and Dec. 5. Only two companies -- Amazon (for the Kindle) and Merck & Co. (for the Dulera asthma inhaler) -- it targeted advertised again, the association says.

Most of the companies have been hesitant to comment on their decisions. Liberal groups and a Democratic lawmaker have taken the home improvement chain to task for pulling its ads.


Anonymous said...

Where was the outrage when Liberals urged boycotts of advertisers for Glenn Beck's program. Companies don't answer to moral outraged they answer to stockholders.

Something that affects their bottom line gets noticed.

In the long run all this attention is great for that TV show now people may actually watch it.

Anonymous said...

All- American and Muslim shouldn't be in the same sentence.

an American said...

I agree, there is no such thing as an All American Muslim.

Anonymous said...

To "Annonymous" and "an American"- you're idiots. Our country allows religious freedom. A Muslim can be just as All-American as a Baptist, Catholic, Jew, atheist, etc. Always remember that separation of church and state.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 4:58. There's nothing more American than the freedom to choose your religion or abstain from it altogether. Isn't that concept exactly what this country was built upon?

Anonymous said...

Fear is a powerful thing... When people think of Islam they think of governments who use Islam to control their people. Iran - Saudi Arabia - The Taliban. Islam has a set of laws that most Americans don't agree with and that is what many Americans are worried about. Nobody cares if you practice Islam as long as you are not trying to impose it on other people. I have the same issue with extreme Christians - you are free to believe whatever you want but you are not free to persecute others who chose a different path.

Anonymous said...

How can ANYONE support a fringe group that so badly slaughters a noun like "risk" by turning it into an adverb like "RISKILY???" The ignorance quotient on this "family" group is so high this whole discussion should be moot at this point.

Anonymous said...

The whole witch hunt thing is ridiculous. Over 60 major sponsors have pulled their ads for this show. Lowes has been the only one to get attention from this senator in CA, get national attention. To date The Observer has only covered and OPINED on Lowes. Now they are pulling BofA into the swamp of stupidity and witch hunting by the PC police

DistrictSix said...

I admire a company which realizes it is sponsoring a show based on a religious group, and removes that sponsorship.

One would assume it is because in this day and age, to sponsor any religion show, or show based on a religion, would open it to criticism.

Mainly criticism from those of another religion not sponsored, or those who embrace the lack thereof.

Anonymous said...

This is one thing I agree w/ the right wingers. Islam is a disgusting religion that needs to go away.

Kudos to BofA and Lowes for their actions.

Of course not all Muslims are jihadists, but they've done nothing and turned their head while these barbaric animals take control of their religion.

Honestly, if we could wipe out the entire Middle East/Persia region, I'd say do it.

Collateral damage sucks, but it's the best bet.

BobRoberts said...

I saw a great movie the other night called 'Arranged'. It is the story of a young orthodox Jewish young woman and young Muslim woman who work together as school teachers in Queens. The movie explores the striking similarities in the religions as the women struggle through the arranged marriage process while living in a modern society. The movie does a good job of humanizing the Jewish and Muslim characters and also helps us to realize that the various religious mythologies, be they Muslim, Christian or Jewish while often causing harm in the world can also bring deeper meaning in life to thos who choose to believe. Not that any of the bigots who post on the Observer website would ever bother to educate themselves in such a fashion.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?

David Caton said...

Florida Family Association's phone number is

Lets all call David Caton for a good time!

George Hanson said...

"Our schedule never called for additional ads to run outside of this single ad," a spokesman said in an email to the Observer.


That's flat out a lie.

But at the same time I'm glad they pulled their advertising. Maybe I'l keep those accounts at BAC open after all. Well, maybe 1 of the 3 anyway!

tony said...

I used to shop Home Depot but will now go out of my way to shop at Lowes.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the "liberals" who hate Lowes for this "intolerance" of religious freedom...yet can't seem to manage to use the word Merry Christmas in a sentence, and find themselves allergic to CHRISTMAS TREES.

Convenient Hypocrisy is the religion of the liberal democrat.