Thursday, March 7, 2013

Complaints against lenders rise at attorney general's office

Complaints against lenders made to the North Carolina attorney general increased 8 percent last year, according to data the office released Thursday.

More than 4,300 written complaints were received on issues including interest rate increases, late payment fees and foreclosure help scams, the office said. That's up from about 4,000 the year before.

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper was one of the primary negotiators in the $25 billion mortgage servicing settlement reached in February with the nation's largest banks and state attorneys general. Since then, attorneys general around the country have received complaints related to mortgage servicing issues.

But lenders actually fell from the top spot as the largest source of complaints. Telemarketers received the most complaints, with 6,126 coming from perceived violations of the national "Do Not Call" registry that allows people to opt out from the cold calls. Another 3,418 came about telemarketing scams and fraud, like fake sweepstakes.

See the full list here.


DolleyMadison said...

Quelle Surprise! I wonder why? Haven't these ungrateful complainers heard that Bank of America Loves Woman? That they GIve MONEY to Charity? NO? Well have they - AND YOU - heard that fresh off last weeks Whislteblower report that BofA falsified teh "foreclosure reviews" and then paid the OCC hush money to get out of completing them or admitting any guilt at all, comes this report that WellsFargo has a huge FORGERY FACTORY in Minnesota dedicated to falsifying documents in order to fraudulently foreclose:
When will it stop? Does the rule of law mean NOTHING? When will you do your job and quit posting vacuous, self-cangratulatory press releases from these banksters and do some REAL REPORTING???