Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bank of America protest season could be beginning

You'll likely recall the string of protests here in Charlotte leading up to Bank of America's annual shareholder meeting last May. Well, it appears that protest season could be starting up again.

The scene outside last year's Bank of America annual meeting.
Photo by Diedra Laird.
This time, investor activists and anti-coal environmentalists have announced they will rally outside Bank of America's corporate complex in downtown Boston on Wednesday. Remember, that's the city where CEO Brian Moynihan lives. They'll be asking the bank to stop investing in coal projects. Bank of America has said in the past that it finances a multitude of energy types, including renewable energy, and the bank defends coal financing because of its frequent use in the U.S.

Last year, activist groups promised a "spring of discontent" ahead of the annual May meeting. Nothing like that has been discussed so far this year, though Charlotte typically hosts a number of protesters each year for Bank of America's meeting.

The protests, however, may be a little more muted this year since Bank of America's stock has risen more than 60 percent since the last shareholder meeting. Fury over the bank's proposed $5 debit card fee also appears to have died down since then.


Skippy said...

And this is news because? So the usual bunch of useful idiots put on the clown shoes and the only people that care are the Andrew's of the world.

Anonymous said...

Skippy, people who commute uptown might be interested in knowing whether protesters will be returning.

Anonymous said...

bunch of losers... those people need to get a freaking life.. or a job

Anonymous said...

Yes, commuters and employees might be interested in knowing whether protesters return. However, I'm pretty sure this entire article says "maybe", "could", and "might". So they protested last year, but things are better, and no one has mentioned anything, so who really knows...this is not journalism, this is speculation.

Anonymous said...

Hell no, things are never better with those trashy banks. Those executives will burn in hell fire for what they are doing.