Friday, March 8, 2013

Wells Fargo pledges loans to women-owned businesses

Wells Fargo said Friday it would commit $55 billion in loans to women-owned businesses by the end of the decade, renewing a commitment it first made in 1995.

The bank said it has lent $38 billion to women-owned firms in the 18 years since first putting an emphasis on the demographic.

Some of Wells' peers have made pledges to women-owned businesses in the past. Bank of America was honored by an organization earlier this month for its corporate spending among women-owned firms.


DolleyMadison said...

How heartwarming! Such largess is easy when you are fraudulently foreclosing on people who never missed a payment. Too bad the man WF KILLED isn't alive to see how kind his killers are.

Garth Vader said...

How did Wellschovia have the time to foreclose on so many homeowners when they were spending most of their time laundering drug money?

sigsoogca said...

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Women owned businesses

Anonymous said...

To the first few commenters - do you believe everything you read? It's on the must be true. As a woman, I'm pleased to see that these large corporations are reaching out to women looking to start their own businesses. We need more of that kind of support.

DolleyMadison said...

As a woman, I need the RULE OF LAW to be followed - do you think most women want money taken from a disabled man, never missed a payment but was foreclosed on due to a typo listing his address instead of his nieghbors? Even AFTER WF KNEW they had the wrong address? Really? And if you don't beleive "the internet" how about the FDIC?