Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wells Fargo focusing attention on mobile banking

Wells Fargo is testing a number of new mobile-based services around the country and is focusing hard on what makes smartphones unique, executives say.

The bank is taking a hard look at how it can take advantage of what sets a smartphone apart from traditional online banking, vice president and senior product manager Armin Ajami says. The camera, for example. Voice technology. Location-based services. Notifications.

Another main point of emphasis is on what the San Francisco bank calls "omnichannel." That refers to using multiple ways of accessing the bank at once. For example, how would a person want to use the bank's smartphone app while visiting a branch? That could entail booking an appointment with a banker, or pre-ordering a foreign currency, Ajami said.

Wells Fargo's mobile banking offerings are up to about 11 million customers since launching in 2007, nearly half coming through the iPhone. The channel is continuing to grow at about 30 percent year over year, the bank says.

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