Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wells Fargo putting branches in some Kroger stores

Wells Fargo is putting branches inside Kroger stores for the first time, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. It's unclear how widespread they'll be, but the newspaper cites three locations in the Atlanta area.

Kroger is known for having bank branches inside its locations. Oftentimes, they're Fifth Third branches. Both the grocer and Fifth Third are Cincinnati-based companies.

Of course, the local wrinkle is that Kroger is buying Harris Teeter. Will this mean that we'll see Wells branches inside our neighborhood Teeters? I guess we'll see. Currently, some HT locations have SunTrust branches within them. There aren't any in the Charlotte area, but there are some in the Triangle.

DEALCLOUD INKS ANOTHER PARTNER: The Charlotte start-up has signed up Washington D.C.-based MyEyeDr. for its deal-evaluating software service as it prepares to buy up optometry practices. DealCloud business development director Tim Whitmire says the parntership shows the ability of his company's "platform to work for a broad range of business models."

SWAPS SUIT NAMES BOFA: Bank of America is among a dozen or so banks named in a pair of lawsuits alleging antitrust activity in the swaps market, the Wall Street Journal reports. Among other things, the suits say the big banks put up big barriers to keep smaller players from becoming swaps clearinghouses.

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Anonymous said...

Would be great if Kroger gets their HT stores to do the same. Who banks at PNC? No one that I know.

Anonymous said...

Walmart has them beat, with Woodforest Bank - open 7 days a week.