Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wells using Twitter to explain Duke Energy Center lights

Why was the Duke Energy Center lit up in green this weekend?

Wells Fargo, which owns the iconic building on South Tryon Street, has set up a Twitter account to let people know why it is shining in a particular hue. (The answer to the question, by the way, is to celebrate the local Girl Scout council's celebration of 100 years of Girl Scouting.)

The building, which opened in 2010, regularly changes colors based on national or local events. This month, it has been red, white and blue for a Charlotte Checkers' "Salute to Heroes" game, and blue and orange for Bobcats games.

The lights and its distinctive slanted roof have made it possibly the most distinctive skyscraper in the city. It was originally to be a new Wachovia tower, but instead became Duke Energy's new headquarters when the Charlotte bank was sold to Wells Fargo in 2008. Duke now leases 22 floors.

Wells Fargo's account is actually the second to embody the tower on Twitter. A more profane version, known as CLT Voltron, launched late last year. It pokes fun at the bank and Duke Energy and in recent days has playfully opposed the new account.

(Photo is from Wells Fargo's new Twitter account)