Wednesday, March 28, 2012

McColl family financial services firm leaves BofA Corporate Center

MBL Advisors, a boutique financial services firm bought by the McColl-Lockwood family in 2009, announced Wednesday that is leaving the Bank of America Corporate Center for a new office at 1017 E. Morehead St.

"The new space will accommodate our future growth plans and provide a more convenient destination for any visitor beyond walking distance of our current location,” Managing Principal Luther Lockwood said in a statement.

The firm, formerly known as Wachau Insurance Advisors, was founded in 1985 and owned by Wachovia from 1999 to 2009. After retiring as Bank of America CEO, Hugh McColl Jr. chaired a company that bought the firm, changing its name to MBL Advisors -- which stands for McColl Brothers Lockwood. Lockwood has been with the firm since 1996.

The firm advises businesses on mergers and acquisitions, executive compensation, business valuation and raising private capital.