Thursday, March 15, 2012

Goldman Op-Ed fuels debate

Welcome to the morning roundup. Here's a look at today's banking and finance headlines:

Goldman fires back. The New York Times takes a closer look at the fallout of Goldman exec Greg Smith's blistering Op-Ed farewell. That account renewed a debate Wednesday on whether Wall Street was corrupted by greed and excess.

More on Goldman. The former chairman of American International Group Inc. told Bloomberg a "change in culture" made Goldman less responsive to clients.

Stress test troubles. Citigroup's failure to meet the Federal Reserve's minimum capital requirements by some measures - which means it can't return capital to shareholders as planned - dealt a blow to CEO Vikram Pandit, the Wall Street Journal reports. It's reminiscent of Bank of America's troubles last year, when the Fed rejected the Charlotte lender's request for to raise its dividend.

Whistleblowers cash in. The people who revealed major mortgage abuses - risking their careers to do so, in some cases - are cleaning up with multimillion-dollar payouts, Reuters reports.


John said...

More evidence that the attempted fire sale of Wachovia to Citi was intended to prop up a failing Citi.