Monday, February 4, 2013

New American Mortgage changes name, projects growth

New American Mortgage has a new name to go along with its plans for more growth.

The company, which has corporate offices in Ballantyne, is now called Movement Mortgage, a change company president Casey Crawford said reflects its philosophy.

Movement Mortgage was founded by Crawford, a former Carolina Panthers player, and partner Toby Harris in 2008. It's regularly been on lists of the country's fastest-growing companies. The company has gone from two offices and a dozen employees to 900 workers across 170 locations.

Crawford said in a news release that the company hopes to double its sales force over the next year and move into new markets, including Raleigh and Atlanta.

Here's Crawford explaining the new name:



DolleyMadison said...

How does it feel to be the servile stenographer of the bankster class? Your parents must be so proud at your ability to post press releases.

Anonymous said...

^^^Ouch! Was that really necessary?

DolleyMadison said...

yes. Yes it was.