Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Late Wachovia CEO honored by N.C. Bar Association

The late former Wachovia Corp. CEO John Medlin has been honored by the N.C. Bar Association for his contributions to the justice system.

He was best known, of course, as the man who steered the bank from a regionally-focused institution to the 20th-largest bank in the country while CEO from 1977 to 1993. Former colleagues described him as a "legendary banker and an icon" as they reflected on his death in death in June.

But Medlin also led the Commission for the Future of Justice and the Courts in North Carolina, a 27-member panel of business, legal and community leaders brought together to help improve the justice system in the state.

He will be the first person to be honored with an award that will bear his name. The John G. Medlin Jr. Award will recognize non-lawyers who contribute to the justice system.

From left: Stan Kelly, Wells Fargo Carolinas regional president; David Booth, Wells market president for Cary; Jack Clayton, Wells regional president for the Triangle, and Allan Head, executive director of the N.C. Bar Association.


DolleyMadison said...

I have no words...our "justice" system allows banksters to come to a heraign with a reciept from teh 7-11 and steal you house. Pathetic.

BH said...

Pity that John Medlin wasn't at the helm of FUNB/Wachovia in the 2000's. There would have been no Golden West purchase or other garbage assets put on the books, and the bank would have sailed through the meltdown. Alas, it was not so.

RIP, Sir.