Friday, February 15, 2013

Cat picture on your debit card? Fine by Wells Fargo

If you Reddit or Twitter or read Gawker or otherwise spend a lot of time on the Internet, you probably saw the thing about the guy who used a picture of a cat for the spot on his Wells Fargo debit card usually used for photo ID.

The implication: Wells security is so lax that it can't tell the difference between humans and felines.

But the bank says today that it's perfectly fine to use a cat picture on your debit card.

"We certainly would be willing to admit it if we made a mistake, but the customer followed our guidelines and policies for including an image on his card, so it passed," Wells social media guru Doug Caldwell wrote on a company blog Friday. "The photo on the card isn’t a security feature, but a way for you to personalize your debit or credit card."

The bank does have some guidelines. Naturally, sexual imagery is a no-no. You can't use a celebrity (sorry Beliebers). No gang signs, violent images or cartoon characters. Alive animals are OK, dead animals are not.

But that leaves some latitude. Get ready for some weird stuff, Wells Fargo.


Unknown said...

I've got an identical Wells Fargo card and there's no photo. This looks like it's been shopped to move the "Platinum Debit Card" text and carriage and horses to the right to make room for the fake photo. This is funny but fake.
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