Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wells Fargo says Carolinas' customer service, cross-sell better than in Wachovia era

Wells Fargo says its customer service ratings and cross-selling in the North and South Carolina market have increased from where they were under Wachovia, community banking regional president Stan Kelly said at the bank's investor day this week.

He also said the bank's surveys show that Wells' customer service in the Carolinas has been better than in any region of the country for the past three years.

Wells bought ailing Charlotte-based Wachovia in 2008, and the San Francisco bank spent three years converting customers over to its platform. Kelly said customer service was of utmost importance.

Wachovia had led the nation in customer service from 2001 to 2008, Kelly said. Wells Fargo took the title the next year and has maintained it.

Presentation slides say that since the merger in the East region, retail customer households per branch have increased 13 percent, to 3,500; products per household are up 18 percent, to 5.5; and that products sold per full-time employee per day have increased 76 percent, to 7.