Tuesday, July 1, 2014

South State Bank name is here

The largest bank headquartered in South Carolina now has a new name.

The bank formerly operating as SCBT (or NCBT in North Carolina) has made the switch to South State Bank.

The switch comes four months after South Carolina Bank & Trust's holding company, First Financial Holdings, announced it would bring all of its branches under one name.

South State Bank has three locations in Charlotte: On Providence Road, Sharon Amity Road and Morrison Boulevard.


Angela Killpack said...

That's really nice that they brought all the branches under one unifying name. It would be confusing to have a south branch and a north branch. And that's really fast switch too if it comes after four months of making the announcement! https://citizensstatebankindiana.com/

Ed Walters said...

Not an impressive name. Are they a state bank?