Friday, July 25, 2014

Farewell for a year

Nearly three years after joining the Observer's business desk and launching this blog, I'll be taking a hiatus from banking coverage for a new challenge: education.

Our veteran schools reporter, Ann Doss Helms, is taking on a year-long project covering the Affordable Care Act and all of its implications in Charlotte. I've been tasked with filling her shoes while she does so, starting Monday.

It'll be sad to leave the finance beat, which has been ever-changing since the heated days of 2011 when I started. I've loved diving into Charlotte's premier industry while covering everything from debit card fees to the mortgage finance boom to the ecosystem of boutique investment banks in Charlotte.

The blog won't be going away and the beat remains in good hands. Deon Roberts will remain covering banking and all things finance in Charlotte.

Meanwhile, you'll be able to find me on our schools blog. Please keep in touch.


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