Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Phony news release claims BofA's name

A news release circulating this morning - purportedly from Bank of America Corp. - that details the Charlotte lender's troubles is bogus, the bank said.

The release, which carries BofA's familiar blue-and-red logo, announces that the bank has launched a new campaign called "Your Bank of America" to "reach out to the American public for guidelines on how banking should happen." It links to a website that jabs at the bank on various issues, from its stock price decline to its environmental practices.

"We may not have all the answers," the release says in a quote attributed to chief executive Brian Moynihan, "but we're confident that those answers exist."

Bank spokesman Scott Silvestri said the announcement and website are not affiliated with the bank.

It's not clear who is behind the effort. No group has taken credit on the website or publicly, and no one answered at a phone number listed in the news release.

The website details some of the bank's troubles and offers visitors the chance to create their own advertising campaign, where they can choose from several "spokespeople" - including a foreclosed home - to help share their message.

"The Your Bank of America campaign has been designed in a spirit of honesty and transparency," the release says. "Leveling with the American people about the current status of the institution's finances is seen as a necessary first step .... "


Unknown said...

You moron's really only write on BofA when you can take jabs at the Bank. I bet you wish you had a job worthy of recognition.

Stringtheory said...

I have an excellent, financially rewarding job.
I don't require any form of recognition except my friend's and family's happiness.

...and remarkably, I have not gouged anyone or engaged in manipulative questionable business practices.