Wednesday, April 11, 2012

N.C. banks in Treasury program increase small business lending $124 million

Seven North Carolina community banks participating in a U.S. Treasury program have increased their lending to small companies by $124.4 million so far, the Treasury said Wednesday.

The Small Business Lending Fund, created in mid-2010, put about$4 billion was put into 332 banks and community development loan funds around the country. Critics call it a flop since $30 billion was authorized. About half of it was used to pay off TARP.

North Carolina's seven banks have about $115 million in SBLF money outstanding. Before receiving the money, their small business lending totaled about $813 million. Now, it is at $937 million -- a 15 percent increase.

Here's how each bank has performed:
  • Citizens South Banking Corp., Gastonia: Up 16 percent, to $137 million
  • Premara Financial Inc., Charlotte: Down 0.1 percent, to $51 million.
  • Providence Bank, Rocky Mount: Up 18 percent, to $34 million.
  • First Bancorp, Troy: Up 3 percent, to $508 million.
  • Select Bancorp Inc., Greenville: Up 59 percent, to $46 million.
  • Union Bank and Trust Co., Oxford: Up 16 percent, to $45 million.
  • Live Oak Bancshares Inc., Wilmington: Up 117 percent, to $116 million.


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