Monday, October 7, 2013

Babson Capital Management renews UNC Charlotte economic forecast sponsorship

Babson Capital Management will sponsor UNC Charlotte's quarterly economic forecast reports for another three years, the university said Monday.

Babson, a global company that has roughly $182 billion in assets under management, has been the sponsor of the Babson Capital/UNC Charlotte Economic Forecast since 2010.

Professor John Connaughton will continue to hold the title of Babson Capital professor of financial economics in Belk College of Business at the university, UNC Charlotte said.

“We’re pleased to continue our relationship with UNC Charlotte and the Belk College of Business through our sponsorship of the Economic Forecast,” Babson Chairman and CEO Thomas Finke said in a statement. “The university is a vital intellectual resource for the Charlotte region and the state, and Dr. Connaughton’s reports provide valuable information for business and community leaders.”

Finke is a member of Belk College's Board of Advisors.

Connaughton began producing the economic forecasts in 1981. The reports are unveiled at a luncheon and press conference. The most recent report was released in September.

Belk College and Babson are seeing to expand the forecast program by sponsoring an annual business outlook conference. The first such conference is tentatively scheduled for January.


Anonymous said...

Stop using UNC and UNC Charlotte interchangeably, it is not the same thing. This is a story about UNC Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

UNC doesn't exist. UNC Charlotte and UNC Chapel are the proper names. Get it right observer.

rb said...

UNC Charlotte isn't accurate?

Freedom Huggins said...

I wish they'd change the name all together. University of Charlotte please...