Friday, June 8, 2012

Banking IT firm expands in Charlotte

Digital Intelligence Systems Corp., an IT staffing and consulting firm primarily serving the finance sector, is expanding in Charlotte.

The McLean, Va.-based company has grown into a new office on South Tryon Street uptown and plans to double its current 2,500 square feet in the next six months, it said this week. DISYS also hired a new managing director, Eric Felice, for its Charlotte office.

Among his goals: Combining his experience in banking and finance IT with a focus on the latest innovations, such as mobility and security, DISYS said.

The firm, which supports Fortune 500 companies and other large businesses around the world, has 10 employees in Charlotte and is in the process of hiring four more, it said.


John said...


A whole 10 employees... and 4 more to come!

HUGE news!

Seriously, you kidding me?

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