Monday, June 18, 2012

Americans to vote with wallets in presidential election

About 60 percent of Americans will decide who to vote for in November's presidential election primarily on how they expect the candidate to impact their personal finances, a new survey from says -- but there is no agreement on whether that should be Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.

Twelve percent said their personal financial situation will be the primary issue guiding their vote, and 47 percent said it would be one of several.

But respondents were split on which candidate would help their finances more. Twenty-two percent said Republican nominee Mitt Romney, while 21 percent said incumbent President Barack Obama.

A full 50 percent said they'd probably fare about the same with either.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you tell the real story? Those that work hard, save for retirement, and invest will be better served by Romney. The scum that leeches off the rest of us, the scum on welfare in free housing with free utilities, free food, free healthcare, free everything will continue to be better served by Obama.