Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gastonia becomes 100th location for BofA's new ATMs

A Bank of America branch in Gastonia will have the distinction of being the 100th site equipped with the Charlotte bank's new automated teller machines that allow customers to interact with a teller via a video screen.

The bank unveiled the new "Teller Assist" ATMs in April of last year. The machines work like typical ATMs but with added functions. For example, by pushing a button, customers can receive real-time assistance from tellers stationed in call centers in Delaware and Florida. 

Bank of America is installed the ATMs only in the U.S. at this time. So far, the machines are in 12 markets nationwide. 

On Wednesday, the Gastonia Main branch, at 355 S. New Hope Road, will become the 100th site to have the Teller Assist ATMs, spokeswoman Tara Burke said. Three of the machines will be installed there. 

For the Charlotte metro area, that will bring the number of sites with the Teller Assist ATMs to 10 and the number of the machines to 22. Burke said the bank plans to add at least seven more of the ATMs to the region by the end of the year.

Bank of America plans to reach another milestone at some point this weekend, when it is expecting the number of Teller Assist transactions to hit 1 million.