Monday, January 13, 2014

Bank of America exec dresses like 49ers mascot after losing bet

Bank of America's Charlotte-market president on Monday wielded a fake pickaxe and wore cowboy boots and a fake beard, the outcome of his losing bet over Sunday's Carolina Panthers/San Francisco 49ers game.

Charles Bowman had a wager going with his counterpart in San Francisco: Should the Panthers lose this past Sunday, Bowman pledged to go to his Tryon Street office dressed like Sourdough Sam, the 49ers' mascot. If the Panthers were to win, his counterpart Martin Richards would have had to dress like the Panthers’ Sir Purr.

A photo of Bowman in the garb was posted to his Twitter account Monday.

"Making good on my bet. After yesterday's crushing loss, here I am as Sourdough Sam," read the text accompanying the photo.

The playoff game was also battle of two bank towns. Charlotte’s NationsBank became Bank of America when it bought San Francisco-based BankAmerica in 1998. A decade later, San Francisco’s Wells Fargo bought Charlotte-based Wachovia.

As a result, bankers in Charlotte and San Francisco engaged in friendly bets and bantering leading up to the game.

The Panthers lost to the 49ers 23-10.


Anonymous said...

I work for Bank of America and even I know this is a story that nobody cares about. Why is this even here? What makes this guy so important that him losing a bet makes it as news?

Anonymous said...

you read it, i read it, so did others.

a newspaper doesnt always have to report on hard core "news". relax.

how is the cheerleading pictures "news". take a breath and enjoy.