Monday, November 4, 2013

Bank of America's Bessant honored as 'ally' for LGBT employees

Bank of America head of global technology and operations Cathy Bessant has been honored for her work to promote a workplace that is equitable and inclusive for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates said Monday.

The nonprofit organization is dedicated to promoting equality in the workplace for the LGBT community. Bessant's award was given out at the Out & Equal Workplace Summit, which bills itself as the leading LGBT professional development event.

“We have worked for many years at Bank of America to build a culture of inclusion for our LGBT teammates and their families,” Bessant said in a statement. “That work has been expressed in the support of our employees around the world and policies that provide full access to opportunities and benefits. We will continue these efforts so that every person will know that they can be who they are and live their professional life to the fullest.”

Bank of America regularly ranks among the top companies for workplace equality, according to the Human Rights Campaign. Bessant has also been vocal on LGBT issues in North Carolina. She released a video in March 2012 opposing the state's proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. It ultimately passed.

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Anonymous said...

Straight white males need not apply. "Diversity uber alles" per B oF A Superwoman.