Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bank of America to donate home to Charlotte family

A Charlotte woman and her son will be given a home donated through a Bank of America initiative to provide properties to injured veterans and first responders, the bank said Saturday.

The bank announced the three-year campaign in August 2012. Its goal is to donate 1,000 mortgage-free homes to nonprofits and government programs.

On Tuesday, the California-based Nehemiah Community Reinvestment Fund and the bank will present Kira Ortega and her son the keys to a home in Charlotte.

The bank said Ortega and her husband, Clint Ruiz, served in the Army and married in 2010. Ruiz died two years later while deployed in Afghanistan. Ortega is working on a degree at Central Piedmont Community College, and the home will provide her with stability to focus more of her attention on her young son, the bank said.

The Charlotte-based bank said Saturday that it has donated roughly 800 homes under the program and will reach its goal of 1,000 homes more than a year ahead of schedule. It has donated more than 130 properties in North Carolina, it said.

Also Saturday, James Miller, a California Army sergeant, and his family became the latest to receive a home under the program.  Miller, 28, was awarded a Purple Heart after being injured in Afghanistan, the bank said. He and his family were given the keys to the house in a surprise event.

“This weekend, as Americans pay tribute to those who have served and sacrificed for their country, we are honored to continue our support of veterans and their families through this unique home-donation program,” Ron Sturzenegger, an executive for Bank of America, said in a statement.


Garth Vader said...

And just how did Bank of America come into possession of these thousand homes, Mr. Roberts?

I challenge Ms. Ortega to do a title search on the property and find out the family BoA kicked out of the house in order to create this illusion of "charity".

Harry said...

You're a douche

Garth Vader said...

Yo Harry, care to flesh out your vitriol? Do you really believe that Bank of SCAMerica came into possession of these homes honestly?

It took me five seconds to find two examples of banks foreclosing on the WRONG house:

Bank of SCAMerica is still facing litigation over their sleazy loan and foreclosure programs, including "Operation Hustle":

Anonymous said...

Glad there's an observer blog so you can still post your anti-Bank of America drivel under a fake name.