Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bank of America adds two more to its board

Two new directors have joined Bank of America's board, the bank said Wednesday. One led a tabletop sweetener company, the other was a PepsiCo executive.

The additions will increase the number of directors to 18. But the bank said in August, when it appointed four new directors, that it expects some board members to retire in the near future. Four directors are 70 or older.

The new directors:

Arnold Donald, 58. He's now an investor and management consultant, but led tabletop sweetener manufacturer Merisant from 2000 to 2003. Before that, he spent several decades at agriculture company Monsanto.

Lionel L. Nowell III, 58. He was treasurer of PepsiCo from 2001 to 2009. He's also worked with RJR Nabisco, Pillsbury and Pizza Hut.


DolleyMadison said...

Bank of America is caught knowingly, illegally, foreclosing on tens of thousands and is a prime player in the biggest, most blatant criminal activity in history, and all this paper can do is print their self-congratulatory press releases? The newspaper who has no qualms publishing a college althletes report card, or a Governors love letters, or camping out in Paula Broadwell's front yard, suddenly can’t find their rear end with both hands, a searchlight, and a map with diagrams when it comes to malfeasance by the home-town bank. Instead The Observer dutifully shills for the banksters, pretending it is for the “greater good” pretending to see nothing, pretending that a routine slam dunk investigaton any first-year J-school student could complete is to complex and difficult to tackle.
The US has a two-tiered justice system. One, a pitiless, implacable, draconian cross between Dickens, Kafka, and Hugo’s Javert for most of us. And the other, a stack of “Get out of Jail Free” cards for the rich and powerful of the 1%.
All while the press remain silent, aiding and abetting this subversion of justice.
Is this why you became a "journalist"? To re-run Bank Press releases while your nieghbors are thrown into the street? FOR SHAME

Anonymous said...

It is odd how the CO, being obviously liberal, could support such crony capitalism, which typically is the realm of the Establishment GOP. Strange bedfellows, indeed.