Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SunTrust creating 100 jobs at new Charlotte loan sales center

SunTrust Banks is creating 100 jobs at new loan sales center in Charlotte, the bank and the Charlotte Chamber announced Wednesday.

The office, which will underwrite and process mortgage loans, has about 40 staff already at the LakePointe Office Park near the airport, but will expand by 60 in the next three months.

“The loan center is indicative of SunTrust’s commitment to the Charlotte market and complements our retail presence in the region,” regional president William H. Peele said in a statement. “Charlotte is a dynamic, thriving metropolitan area, and we plan to roll up our sleeves and increase our involvement.”

Banks around the country, including Wells Fargo, have beefed up their mortgage processing staff considerably in recent months to capitalize on the wave of refinancings. 

SunTrust has about $1.2 billion in deposits at 36 Charlotte-area offices, according to the FDIC.

For more information on the job openings, click here.


Anonymous said...

So if they already have 40 employees on hand and are adding 60 more, they're not really "creating" 100 new jobs, are they?

Or are the 40 already on hand seen as retroactively new or something? Like, they were new jobs x-number of weeks or months ago?

Anonymous said...

From the information I have, it's a new loan center. They just already have brought in 40 people and have 60 more to go. Those 100 jobs weren't here a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Please edit your piece before posting it. In the third paragraph, you use "said" twice after a quotation. Mistakes like that are embarrassing for anyone, particularly a writer for a decent-sized paper.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up, Francis.

Anonymous said...

I love the CO math department. "100 new jobs" when 40 were already here. lol.

Anonymous said...

Suntrust took 4.85 BILLION in TARP and created how many jobs...I'm still LOL!!!