Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Citizens South rebrands, Park Sterling launches ad campaign

A week after its acquisition closed, Citizens South's 21 branches have now become Park Sterling Bank locations, the bank announced Wednesday morning.

The combined bank has also launched a new ad campaign, with the slogan: "What do you get when two strong banks merge? A choice you've never had before."

"The campaign ensures our communities and customers that the resources of a larger bank are now available without sacrificing the personal and friendly service they've come to expect from a community bank," CEO Jim Cherry said in a statement.

Park Sterling Bank now has about $2 billion in assets and 45 branches in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.


Anonymous said...

"Together we can go far" with their stagecoach figuratively they have taken a steady route to success and have done well with all the acquisitions and have not had to take any tums/nexium to handle the digestion.

LeighCat said...

Awesome ad campaign! What a pleasure to see innovative, out-of-the-box advertising for a community bank vs. the usual cookie-cutter, look alike crap that gets recycled.