Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wells Fargo opens tech-lending office in Raleigh

Pushing to lend to high-tech companies in the Research Triangle region, Wells Fargo has opened a "technology banking group" office in Raleigh, the lender said Thursday.

The location, which will serve the Carolinas, is Wells Fargo's 12th technology banking group office in the U.S.

Wells Fargo created the technology banking group in 2006 and has since opened similar offices across the country. The group serves four segments: life sciences, technology, "clean tech" and venture fund services.

The technology office is an expansion of a commercial lending office Wells Fargo was already operating in Raleigh.

Wells Fargo has named Matt Godwin, former chief financial officer of Williams Realty & Building Company in Raleigh, to head the new technology operation.

Godwin is a former Wells Fargo employee. He also was a senior auditor for the now-defunct accounting firm Arthur Andersen.