Thursday, January 30, 2014

Carolina Premier makes online mortgage lending push

Charlotte-based Carolina Premier Bank said Thursday that it is set to launch a new mortgage website that aims to streamline how customers can take out a loan for a purchase or refinance.

The site, a year in the making, is part of a larger push to make its mortgage department more accessible online and through social media, executives said in their announcement.

"We are reinventing how consumers can interact with our mortgage lending department," CEO John Kreighbaum said in a statement.

The goal is to allow customers to go from application to closed mortgage loan in fewer than 30 days. Part of the system will allow people to apply online and nearly immediately get confirmation that they're pre-approved. To promote it, they'll be giving $100 prepaid cards to people who turn in mortgage information.

Carolina Premier said it has brought in four new mortgage lenders to help with the process: Joseph Germano, Zachary P. Kamm, Robert G. Concha and Stephen F. Colberg.

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Unknown said...

30 days, that's not to bad. When I first bought my house the whole mortgage process was the worst part. I finally found a mortgage company that stayed true to their slogan, BANK SAYS NO! WE SAY YES! and it was easy as pie after that.