Wednesday, May 15, 2013

LendingTree's new ad campaign targets banks' 'BS'

A green muppet-looking character says he smells "BS" -- that's "bank speak," you guys -- as he tags along with a mortgage-seeker in Charlotte-based LendingTree's new ad campaign.

The mortgage-shopping company is making a huge investment in the new marketing, parent company CEO Doug Lebda said during its quarterly earnings results Tuesday. Sales and marketing expense jumped 60 percent in the quarter as prepared to roll out the ads, which will air nationally.

"I'm extremely pleased with the final product there, and I'm confident the message will resonate with
consumers," Lebda told analysts. "Our brand is a huge asset for us."

The company is still keeping its slogan -- "When banks compete, you win."

Industry publication Ad Age breaks down the campaign a bit more here.

Here's their second ad:


Anonymous said... has their own scams and BS speak. Don't be fooled by this fa├žade.

Anonymous said...

Saw the ad today - they might want to rethink their strategy. It makes them appear childish and really immature. I'm surprised the CEO signed off, but it seems more and more companies are attempting to cater to the lowest common denominator(ps-probably/hopefully not a mortgage lender's target market).