Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wells Fargo mobile deposit goes nationwide

Wells Fargo customers in Charlotte will now be able to deposit checks using their smartphones as the bank rolls out the feature across the country.

Wells had tested it in 15 states over the past four months. More than 600,000 checks were deposited by phone in that time frame, the bank said.

“The exponential growth of mobile banking is fueling the thirst for more futuristic, easy-to-use
applications such as mobile deposit,” mobile and digital channel head Brian Pearce said in a statement. "Mobile deposit is a very popular service among our customer base. Customers love the added convenience of depositing checks while on the go.”

The feature can be found in the bank's iPhone and Android apps. Customers choose which account to send money to, plug in the check amount, and take a picture of its front and back.

The technology has grown increasingly prevalent over the past year. Wells was beat out by Bank of America, BB&T, and Charlotte-based NewDominion Bank, among others.