Monday, October 29, 2012

Charlotte Metro Credit Union touts growth

Charlotte Metro Credit Union is launching an ad campaign to tout its growth one year after anti-bank activists held a "Bank Transfer Day."

The credit union says it has gained 3,000 members in the first half of this year, a 13 percent growth rate. Charlotte Metro says that makes it the fastest growing among credit unions with between $1 million and $1 billion in assets in North Carolina.

A direct mail campaign will target baby boomers, Generation X and millenials, the credit union says. Mailers will say the credit union offers better rates and better service than big banks while using similar technology.

"We want to grow even more," President Bob Bruns said in a statement.

Charlotte Metro has about $287 million in assets, ranking it as a mid-size credit union. The state's largest -- State Employees Credit Union -- has more than $25 billion in assets.

Bank Transfer Day, held early last November, gained steam online and urged people to move their deposits from banks to credit unions. Leaders initially touted their success, but an industry group later dramatically revised downward the results. Banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo have reported deposit growth.


Anonymous said...

SECU is better

Anonymous said...

So they gained 3000 "members" as they call them. People who left the big banks because they didn't meet minimum balance requirements to avoid fees. So the CU just got a bunch of customers who cost more to service than they generate in income for the credit union. Congrats.

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