Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bank of America adds four to its board

Bank of America announced Thursday that it has added four new members to its board of directors, two with North Carolina ties.

The new directors are:

Jack Bovender, 67, former CEO of Nashville-based hospital operator HCA Inc.  He is a Winston-Salem native and serves as vice chairman of Duke University's board of trustees.

Sharon Allen, 60, former chairwoman of Deloitte LLP, the first female to hold the top post. She is frequently cited in Forbes' list of the most powerful women.

Linda Hudson, 62, CEO of defense and aerospace company BAE Systems Inc. She previously was president of General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products in Charlotte.

David Yost, 65, former CEO of pharmaceutical company AmerisourceBergen, where he spent nearly 40 years.

The bank said the appointments were made in anticipation of several members reaching retirement age and are nearing the end of their terms. Three directors are in their 70s.

Directors are paid $80,000 plus a restricted stock award of $160,000 annually, according to securities filings.


Anonymous said...

67, 60, 62, 65.


I'm sure we can rely on all of them to tell us how it was in their day.

Garth Vader said...

Nice to see BOA appoint a board that looks like America.

Anonymous said...

$80,000 a year and an award of $160.000 in stock? Any yes man would go along with that.