Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anti-coal protesters arrested outside Bank of America headquarters

A half-dozen protesters were arrested Tuesday morning outside the Bank of America corporate headquarters building while demonstrating against the bank's financing of coal projects.

(Update 11 a.m.: Rainforest Action Network now says eight protestors were arrested. The Observer is still waiting for confirmation.)

The protesters were affiliated with the local chapter of the Rainforest Action Network. Here's RAN's coverge of its event, including numerous photos and links.

Just after 7 a.m., several protesters scaled flagpoles in front of the headquarters building and dropped a large banner that read "Not with our money," a nod to loans made largely from deposits. Two people were arrested after that, said Jimmy Tyson, a volunteer media coordinator for the movement.

Police then arrested four protesters who had formed a human barricade in front of one of the headquarters' entrances, Tyson said. They were taken away in police cars amid chants of "Bank of America, bank of coal."

The Observer is still waiting to get more details from the police on the arrests.

Beka Stecky, a protestor who lives in Charlotte, said the demonstrations are about pushing Bank of America to stop financing coal operations. A press release issued by the movement says that in the last two years, the bank has financed $4.3 billion in coal projects.

A bank spokeswoman had yet to respond as of 10 a.m.

Stecky said the protesters want the bank to do more in financing wind energy and other renewable energy sources.

After the arrests, a group of protesters moved across the intersection of Trade and Tryon, holding signs and chanting.

(Photos shot by Andrew Dunn)


Anonymous said...

So these people are protesting BofA funding of coal projects. Please explain what kind of jobs these protesters actually have in the real world?

WashuOtaku said...

I can tell you guys used a camera phone when snapping those shots. If your going to use a lesser quality camera that is molded in a phone, at least wipe the lens before snapping, otherwise it creates that blur.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:31
They probably got laid off from Solyndra-type jobs

Rob said...

I am sure BoA would offer a loan to green energy companies if they asked. I can't believe that BoA's accused coal lust would over power their money lust.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic report! Thanks a lot, you really captured the scope of the event.

Anonymous said...

the real world is bullshit. The protesters come from all walks of life. Professors, students, nurses, lawyers, bus boys, postal workers, service industries, etc. where someone comes from has nothing to do with anything. this affects us all. stop judging the people who actually have courage to stand up and say no. get a clue and wake up to "the real world." this is it. lies, covered by more lies, and the average person chooses just to ignore all this so life can stay the same and starbucks can still provide them with a coffee every morning. either be apart of the solution or be left out. making snood comments about the people who care to make change for the welfare of not just for america but the entire world, only tells me you are a scared coward yourself. educate yourself.