Friday, October 28, 2011

Morning roundup: fees, credit and debt

Here's a look at the financial news this morning:

  • The New York Times analyzes the European debt deal, wondering whether enthusiasm over the latest rescue effort will last longer than the optimism that greeted past plans.
What's your take on the day's news? Will the European debt deal spark a sustained market rally, or do you think investors' enthusiasm will fade?


Anonymous said...

While the other banks aren't going to charge you for "debit card use", they most certainly are sticking it to you in another way. Try Citibank, charging $10 for your checking account ( Sure, there's no "debit card fee" like the "evil" BoA, but they are doing the exact same thing, just with a different title.

While I do not work for BoA, the constant bashing of them around this town is ridiculous. They employ a large part of our tax base and they are no more "evil" than the rest of the F500. So please, in the future, rather than misleading the people, do some research and learn the facts before touting the other banks "not charging fees". You'd be surprised what you will learn by simply reading and not just regurgitating.

- Moose

Anonymous said...

Moose, please shut up. It's the media and B of A is the flavor of the month. You're only supporting their cause by clicking the link.