Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wells Fargo considered moving golf tournament

The golf event formerly known as the Wachovia Championship has just been renewed for another five-year run at Quail Hollow Club. But that wasn't always a sure bet.

Amid a celebration of the contract extension Wednesday, Wells Fargo's Charlotte region president Kendall Alley said the bank had a long decision-making process before committing the Wells Fargo Championship to Charlotte.

First, the bank had to decide whether it was worth it to keep its name attached. When that came out in the affirmative, the bank looked at a number of cities with a large Wells presence -- like Minneapolis, San Francisco, or St. Louis.

Because of the early May timing, Wells figured the Southeast was the best bet. The bank considered cities like Atlanta before deciding to stay in the Queen City.

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Anonymous said...

St. Louis? Atlanta? Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

This article makes no sense. The PGA determines the golf schedule, not Wells Fargo. Wells could decide to drop sponsorship, but that would not move the tournament, unless the PGA decided to do so.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:01, Wells did work closely with the PGA through the process.

Anonymous said...

No no...Anon 8:01 was correct..I checked...Wells did not have a right to move it. PGA wouldn't let them. According to what I was told, Wells only had the right to name it...not move it.