Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ex-Panther Jake Delhomme joining a bank board

Former Carolina Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme is joining the board of a Louisiana bank after a year of providing “key leadership,” MidSouthBank said Thursday.

The bank is based in Lafayette, La., the same city where Delhomme, 38, played in college and just miles from where he grew up. For the past year, the former Pro Bowler has advised the bank’s directors on managing credit, interest rates, liquidity, regulatory compliance, and reputation risk, the bank said.

“He has mentored young bankers, instilling a strong work ethic in them, and in turn has been mentored by our veteran board members, which is among the many reasons the bank wanted to formalize his association with the board,” MidSouth Bank chairman Will Charbonnet said in a statement.

MidSouth is not a huge bank by any means, but it's not tiny either. It had $1.9 billion in assets at the end of the second quarter, according to the FDIC's call report.

Delhomme took the Panthers to their only Super Bowl in the 2003 season and holds the franchise records for total passing yards and touchdowns.

Since retiring, Delhomme has helped run a business training and breeding race horses. Last month, he was elected president of the Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association board of directors.

He’s not the only former Panther to break into finance. Long-time wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad is a managing partner at Axum Capital Partners, which bought a controlling stake in the Wild Wing Cafe chain last year.


Anonymous said...

This is the kinds of stuff that is great to hear instead of the bad news you usually hear about former NFL players.

Anonymous said...

Well now your a BANKSTER congrats....5 will get you 10 you`ll never swindle more than you did from the panthers when they signed you to a 45 million contract the year after you knocked us out of the playoffs with 5 int`s and a fumble ....yeah all by 1 person in 1 game (This will be a tough act to follow)

Panthers 17 said...

Seriously????? Jake is the only quarterback to take the Panthers to the Super Bowl and still holds many of the team's franchise records! The years he played with the team provided us with exciting wins and the leadership that this team is struggling to find. A true fan doesn't forget about past accomplishments to be hateful toward a player that put the Carolina Panthers on the NFL radar! Let him who has no sin cast the first stone....

Anonymous said...

yeah your right...MY BAD I did`nt mean to rain on your parade..Just a die -hard panthers fan wanting a superbowl win. I will say that Jake`s play in the superbowl was better than I could of imagined,Its just a shame his team has not gotten back there or EVEN been in contention to be in the playoffs....GOOD LUCK JAKE!

Anonymous said...

I wish Jake was 27 again. I want to go back to the Superbowl, and see Janet Jackson's boobie again. Ahhhh the memories are good. The Cardiac Cats would have won all of those close games we've lost over the last 2 years. We need that swagger back. Jake and Smith were like Thelma and Louise, Stealing games and breaking hearts.
Were have we gone panther nation?